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I Gusti Gde Jelantik
Penggagas Ide Tarian
I Made Sidia
Maestro Seni Pertunjukan
I Gst. Gede Jelantik was born in the island of Lombok in 1964. After returning from a high school students' exchange program in Germany in 1983, he moved to Bali to study in the Academy of Hotel and Tourism. He learnt in the Academy for a year then decided to study at the Faculty of Letters Udayana Universities.
When his father passed away a few years later, he had to finance the study himself. To get money he began teaching English, became a guide, become a radio DJ, then work at a travel agent to survive. He also composed spiritual songs and produced 2 "Gita Puja" albums with the songs he created.
Enjoying the effort in creating new entertainments, In 2013 he prayed to God to give him the idea to create a new entertainment not only for special groups but to exist for public. He believed God replied his pray because suddenly his heart whispered: "Why don't you create Tek Tok Dance?"
Suddenly his mind was like a movie, where the music, the story, the basic choreography of the Tek Tok Dance appeared continuously. Since that time he believed strongly that he will create the dance one day. At first he began his effort in the island of Lombok. As he was born there, he really wanted to help the island to produce alternative entertainments. But there were lack of male dancers to support his idea. Since Lombok could not support his idea, he then contacted several artists in Bali to help him. All of them for some reasons could not materialize his dream until he finally met and discussed it with the maestro Performance I Made Sidia.
I Made Sidia during the meeting said: "There is nothing bad with the idea, why we don't start to work together to create the new dance". Since that moment, both of them meet regularly to discuss about the idea further. Made then involved around two hundreds dancers to support the idea. The dancers began practicing regularly. Several months later Tek Tok Dance was performed for the first time for an exclusive Group in Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). Then they performed for another groups in Nusa Dua area.
In the month of June 2014 Jelantik registered the dance for its copy right under the name of Jelantik and I Made Sidia. Thanks to the great Support of I Made Sidia, the team and all dancers, since 27 July 2014 Jelantik's dream to perform the new Tek Tok Dance for Public came true.
I Made Sidia is the son of The Maestro of Puppet performance I Made Sidja. His father has performed Bali Puppet Show around the world, and Made Sidia inspired by his father follow track in the art of Shadow Puppet performance and study further about the show in the Indonesia Institute of Art in Denpasar. He continued his study to Central Java to get the Master Degree.
Experienced in performing a lot of puppet shadow performance Made developed his own technique and give his personal touch in the Puppet shadow world in Bali. He uses electricity instead of only using the traditional lamp in his show. He also create their own skate board in order many puppeteers involved can move here and there behind the stage. That was why his performance was then known as Wayang listrik or Wayang skateboard, which means Electricity Puppet Performance, and Skateboard Puppet Performance.
With the differences he made, Made then invited to perform "Wayang Skateboard" to various cities in Indonesia and to many parts of the world. Made has helped hundreds of new artists in Bali by providing jobs for them. In his "Paripurna" art community hundreds of children are inspired by him to learn how to dance, playing music, and perform puppet show. His entire family involved in keeping the traditional entertainment alive.
On many occasions when Jelantik came to his art community, he heard directly from the parents of the dancers and children how they highly appreciate his effort in keeping the art alive and providing jobs for the dancers. A lot of the dancers can continue their study to the higher education degree from what they did together.
Now I Made Sidia has been known internationally for his performances. He got "The Best Drama Award for International Puppets Weeks Festival in China (1-7 June, 2014).
Some of his great works are:
Bali Agung (since 2010)
Moksa (2004)
The Theft of Sita (Adelaide Festival 2000). This performance then did its world tour to USA, Europe, and Australia.
Diburu Waktu (Darwin Festival 2005)
The Cultural Performance at Angkor Wat, Cambodia (2005)
Best Winner of Bali Children Gong Kebyar Festival in 2003.
2nd Winner of Bali Children Puppeteer Competition in 2008 and many others.