24 AUGUST 2014

Sanur Village Festival 2014

New Baby Born

Atmosphere of the night burst when the sound of unique music heaved. Tek tok, tek tok were the repetitive voices uttered by male and female dancers. The tek tok voices sometimes gave dynamic, strong and stomping nuance. At other time, it gave cheerful and soft melody.

A total of 150 dancers were moving dynamically while uttering tek tok. Their movement resembled to a capella Cak Dance but sometimes also resembled to Seudati classical dance. Such art composition was very beautiful as well arranged by formations and beautiful movements. Moreover, it was showed harmoniously by the dancers wrapped in festive outfit.

The dancers represented the sequel of Mahabharata which combined Balinese and modern dance movements. Inspiration of the Tek Tok Dance was taken from the Mahabharata epic, where Draupadi was at a gambling stake. Scenes of the gambling were modernly and playfully presented by children dancers who acted as the eyes of the dice.

The dice was played by two small children moving swiftly and kindled humorous laughter. Finally, cheating in the dice game resulted in a victory in the Kauravas. As consequence of the victory, Draupadi who is the wife of the Pandavas was also at stake and receiving indecent treatment. Eventually this triggered a war among the two cousins.

The war between the Pandavas against the Kauravas is a representation of virtue war against evil as an eternal battle in life. And the Tek Tok Dance symbolizes the eternal war. Tek Tok is like the sound of time seeming different from each other, but they are also complementary. I Gusti Gede Jelantik as the originator of the idea revealed the grief story of Draupadi in the Tek Tok Dance gave a moral message to humanity in general and Hindus in particular that where a woman embodying the values of patience, sacrifice, compassion, devotion and sacred sincerity was not respected, then disasters and calamities would befall the kingdom or state. "This storyline also gives the message that truth, virtue, devotion and genuine compassion will always have the protection from God," he said. Tek Tok Dance was filmed I Made Sidia from Bona, Gianyar. The film making was supported by Paripurna Bona Dance Studio and Pande Krisna.