Tek Tok Dance

The idea of Tek Tok Dance was first got by I Gst Gde Jelantik through his pray to God. Originally He wanted to provide job for more people. He want to take part in the government invitation to provide more jobs in the creative economy sector.

At first he began his effort in the island of Lombok. As he was born there, he really wanted to help the island to produce alternative entertainments. But there were lack of male dancers to support his idea. Since Lombok could not support his idea, he then contacted several artists in Bali to help him. All of them for some reasons could not materialize his dream until he finally met and discussed it with the maestro Performance I Made Sidia.

I Made Sidia during the meeting said: "There is nothing bad with the idea, why we don't start to work together to create the new dance". Since that moment, both of them meet regularly to discuss about the idea further.

Made then involved around two hundreds dancers to support the idea. The dancers began practicing regularly. Several months later Tek Tok Dance was performed for the first time for an exclusive Group in Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). Then they performed for another groups in Nusa Dua area.

In the month of June 2014 Jelantik registered the dance for its copy right under the name of Jelantik and I Made Sidia. Thanks to the great Support of I Made Sidia, the team and all dancers, since 27 July 2014 Jelantik's dream to perform the new Tek Tok Dance for Public came true.

Tek Tok consist of two words "Tek" and "Tok" that represents two power. The Positive and Negative Power, The Good and The Bad side, Devine and Evil sides. Tek Tok as close with Indonesian words Cek Cok means "Quarrel The other".